Brush & Limb Drop Off

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Brush & Limb Drop Off Site

The Environmental Control Division maintains a Brush and Limb Drop-Off site that  is located at 40th & Denver. This site is only open on Free Dump Days and after  major storm damage. NO STUMPS ALLOWED at the Brush & Limb Drop-Off but CAN be taken to the Landfill at no charge on Free Dump Days.

To take advantage of the Free Brush & Limb Drop-Off Site, you will need to present a current Water Bill and a current Picture ID to the attendant at the entrance. Free Brush & Limb Drop-Off hours are 7a.m. - 3p.m. 

Free Dump Days for 2017
March 22nd thru 25th (Azalea Clean Up/Free Dump Days)
April 22nd - (Free Dump Day (Oklahoma Trash Off Day)
June 3rd - (Free Dump Day & Household Pollutant Event)
October 28th - (Free Dump Day & Household Pollutant Event)