The following downloads are the City of Muskogee's standard bidding documents in "MS-Word" format. These documents relate to all engineering projects bid out by the Engineering Department. They are not project specific. The table of contents shows the proper arrangement of the documents. Bidders should refer to the specific bid documents for individual projects for project related information.

File Name Description File Size
Agreement.doc Agreement Template 52.00 KB
Ap-AgtForm.doc Appointment of Agent Form 31.50 KB
BidBond.doc Bid Bond Template 30.00 KB
BidForm.doc Bid Form Master Template 39.50 KB
BusinessRelations.doc Business Relations Affidavit 22.50 KB
Discrimination.doc Non-Discrimination Affidavit 22.00 KB
EqualOpportunity.doc Equal Opportunity 22.00 KB
LocalLabor.doc Local Labor Affidavit 20.50 KB
MaintenanceBond.doc Maintenance Bond Template 37.50 KB
Non-Segregated.doc Non-Segregated Affidavit 23.00 KB
NonCollusionAffidavit.doc Non-Collusion Affidavit 20.00 KB
NoticeOfAward.doc Notice of Award Template 28.00 KB
NoticeToProceed.doc Notice to Proceed Template 29.00 KB
PerformanceBond.doc Performance Bond Template 32.50 KB
ProjectTitle.doc Project Title Sheet Template 39.50 KB
PUBAdv-MasterForm.doc Master Advertisement Template 31.00 KB
SpecialConditions.doc Special Conditions 41.00 KB
Superintendent.doc Project Superintendent Information 22.50 KB
TableofContents.doc Table of Contents 29.50 KB

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